Monday, August 16, 2010

Starting solids

I waited as long as I could to start solids. Even though it's our first child, I knew that I wasn't in a rush to have little j start solids....seemed too much of a hassle and hard to try to fit in solids between bottles, esp w/ daycare a few day a week. Plus, bottles are so much easier and quicker to prepare and have him eat!

So, we started with the standard rice cereal. Here's how he did:

He kept trying to grab my hand--either a control thing and/or trying to guide more food to his mouth.

We tried rice cereal for about a week and was about to try another cereal, but poor little buggy got sick with 102.5+ fever. We decided to not push it and just keep the little guy's schedule the same to help him feel better.

We tried oatmeal soon after he felt better and I think he likes it better than the rice cereal. We've stuck with the oatmeal for now. After about 3 days, to see if he was affected by the oatmeal, we forayed into veggies. Me being anal and compulsive couldn't figure out so many things--why is this so complicated?? Do you add veggies in addition to cereal as another meal? What type of veggie is best to start with green or orange? I already knew I wanted him to start veggies before fruit. Thank goodness for the internet. After a bunch of searches, I decided to start with sweet potatoes (still not sure if it should have been a green veggie instead). He loved it even more than the cereal!

Who can resist this smile??

We also had to have him get fed at daycare, so he had his sweet potato today between bottles. Miss Kaylee said he loved it and did great. So glad to hear that daycare doesn't affect his feeding.

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